Final Fantasy III For iPhone/iPod Touch

Square Enix makes up a atrociously high price tag with a sale... I guess we forgive you.

Final Fantasy III has already had a remake for the Nintendo DS since its original release in 1990.  Be prepared for a somehow even more portable version, one for the iPod touch and iPhone.  Nothing has changed as far as story, but the controls have been formatted especially to work with top efficiency on iTouch devices.  This version of the classic game will also be releasing on the iPad, but owners of that will have to wait until this April.  Besides the visual differences and touch controls, you will be able to navigate through game records such as the monster bestiary quicker.

To commemorate the newest release of Final Fantasy III, there will also be a sale on a selection of games by Square Enix.  Prices have been drastically cut, and they are available until March 31st.  Information regarding what titles are on sale can be found here: Square Enix Sale.  Get while the gettings good!

[Image courtesy of Destructoid]

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Jessica Weimar
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