GDC: Bungie Possibly Developing an MMO [Updated]

UPDATE: In its latest weekly update, Bungie is claiming that David Aldridge’s announcement that the studio was developing an MMO was meant as a joke. You can read the posting and judge for yourself, but MTB finds it most curious that Bungie does not ever actually deny that they are working on a massively multiplayer online game. As such, we’re not entirely convinced that no such project is in the works. Let us know which way you’re leaning in the comment section. You can read the original story below in its entirety.

ORIGINAL STORY: During a speech at the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, Bungie’s David Aldridge confirmed that the studio’s next title is going to be a “massively multiplayer action game”.  Contrary to what recent internet rumors would have you believe, Aldridge specifically stated that the project is not “WoW in space”.  Unfortunately, that is about the only real information that was given.  The game does not yet have a name (or at least, not one that was announced) and no specific details about the game were given.  Details regarding specific platforms and a possible release window were also withheld.

This new MMO will seemingly become the first game released by the creators of Halo since entering into a ten year publishing contract with Activision.  Speaking of Halo, this new game is also the first title the studio has worked on since they unleashed the Master Chief unto the world for the launch of the original Xbox.  It’s almost impossible to imagine their next IP reaching the same level of success that their juggernaut Halo franchise did, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

Source: IGN

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