It’s Just a Lead and Gold Type of Weekend

Why not?

Maybe you have never heard of Lead and Gold: Gang of the Wild West, but right now that does not matter.  The reason why is because if you have access to Steam, you can play it for free this weekend.  Lead and Gold is an online multi-player game by Paradox Interactive and Fatshark.  This free to play period will run until March 28th.  If you like the game, then there is also some great news:  you can also buy the game for 75% off the list price.  Like I said before though, you can play it for free first.  That sounds like a great deal to me.

For current and future players, there is also new DLC (downloadable content) and a patch that will fix a couple issues.  The new DLC is a map for the versus mode of the game, named ‘Appendoah Valley – The Crops of Wrath’.  This is a free map!  The patch fixes the following bugs in the game:

  • Bug fix for collision issues when throwing dynamite close to objectives
  • Dedicated servers now support dynamic light settings
  • Quick join now supported by dedicated servers, meaning that all players can choose to jump into the first available game without having to browse for servers.

Remember, the free to play weekend ends the morning of March 28th so be sure to check this out right now!


Jessica Weimar
Jessica Weimar
Jessica Weimar

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Jessica is clearly a fan of video games, or she wouldn't be writing for this site. She attends college and like most other staff on the site, has a day job that she despises. She spends most of her free time playing games with her boyfriend.

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