Slam Bolt Scrappers Ending Friendships on March 15th: Trailer and More!

Check out the official release trailer for Slam Bolt Scrappers!

If you were not already excited for the release of Slam Bolt Scrappers for the Playstation Network (releasing March 15th), then maybe a brand new trailer will pump you up.

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Slam Bolt Scrappers is essentially about the concept of destroying, rebuilding, and then destroying again.  Slam Bolt Scrappers has a co-op mode that supports up to 4 players, as well as a multiplayer battle mode.  By building up squares of blocks that are the same color, you will create a weapon.  You must topple the enemies tower with your weapons to consider yourself victorious.   From what we can see from the trailer, this game promises to provide hours upon hours of fun and mayhem.

Speaking of weapons,  no weapon compares to the Black Cannon.  A unique weapon for Slam Bolt Scrappers, the Black Cannon may be the most devastating weapon in anyone’s arsenal.  This cannon must be loaded and fired for each shot, and it’s ammunition are the blocks themselves.  Instead of  using obtained blocks to build a new weapon, you can load them into the Black Cannon.  These blocks will be fired back out in flames, and devastate their target.  The Black Cannon can topple an enemy weapon in one shot, but is especially useful in boss battles.

You can play the full game and take advantage of the Black Cannon when the game releases.  For those attending PAX East, there will also be a hands-on sneak peek at the Fire Hose Games booth (1133).  Also, you can win a free copy of Slam Bolt Scrappers at PAX East, if you are wearing the right hat.  Full details on this contest can be found here: Crazy Hat Contest.  Slam Bolt Scrappers will be available for download March 15th on PSN.


Source: Fire Hose Games

Images and trailer courtesy of: Fire Hose Games

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