The Dungeon Lord Returns With New Downloadable Content

Release the minions!

Dungeons is a game all about revenge, pure and simple.  You have been deceived by your evil ex-girlfriend, and find yourself at the bottom of the ranks in the underworld where dungeons make the villain.  You have to create your dungeon that will great enough to trap unsuspecting heroes in it, as well as try and get back at your ex who tricked you.  Sounds fun right?  Dungeons has already been out for a little bit, but coming soon is another way for you to continue the game.

This new downloadable content will be titled “Into The Dark”, and will release to most on March 28th within Dungeons and on April 4th via the Kalypso Launcher.  There is a new mission included that spans about an hour and a half.  There are also ten new sandbox maps and twenty new prestige gimmicks.  This DLC will be at the low price of $3.99.  Sounds like a price that is well worth it.  Dungeons reminds me almost of Overlord, and if I were you I would check it out now.

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Jessica Weimar
Jessica Weimar
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