Dark Horse Creating Dungeon Siege III Comic

Four issue comic will tell the back stories of the game's main characters.

Obsidian Entertainment’s upcoming RPG, Dungeon Siege III, stars four playable protagonists. Dark Horse has announced that gamers will be able to familiarize themselves with Lucas, Anjali, Katarina and Reinhart through a brief comic series based on the game’s universe. The premiere issue is available now on Dark Horse’s site. They set the stage for their comics with the opening: “The 10th Legion has fallen, but heroism is not dead in the kingdom of Ehb, even as the Azunite faction continues their control…”

The first three entries will be released digitally, and each will showcase one of the four aforementioned characters. Dark Horse says that new issues will come out on a weekly basis. They’ll conclude with a full-color printed comic included in copies of Dungeon Siege III purchased at Wal-mart.

This is the first comic to be distributed digitally on Dark Horse’s web site. Dungeon Siege III releases on June 21.

Nick Santangelo
Nick Santangelo
Nick Santangelo

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