It’s Humble Bundle Time Again Brought to You By Frozenbyte!

Great games for a price you decide and the proceeds go to charity? It's that time again!

Rockin’ Android’s Facebook Fan Page had posted this Twitter Status from Phil Theobald that included a link to the trailer for the next Humble Bundle event coming soon.  In this round, the games will be brought to you by Frozenbyte who were behind the lovely game Trine.  The games that are up for grabs are: Trine, Shadowgrounds, Shadowgrounds: Survivor, Jack Claw, and Splot.  Buyers will be given DRM free copies, but also keys for some games so they can be redeemed on Steam, Desura, and OnLive.   The games are cross platform to boot.  Noted in the trailer, some of the games that were formerly Windows only will now be making their debuts on to Mac and Linux platforms from this bundle!  As a bonus for this offer, soundtracks will be bundled with Trine, Shadowgrounds, and Shadowgrounds: Survivor for FREE!

Jack Claw has a technicality as quoted from the trailer; “It’s Windows only, but you can? dry your tears in the source code” should buyers want to port the game to Mac and Linux on their own.  Splot is essentially a pre-order if you buy the bundle (as it is an unfinished project).  If you are not familiar with the event, the Humble Indie Bundle is a sale where you may pay as much as you want for the games up for grabs that are DRM free, cross platform (Windows, Mac, and Linux compatible), and the proceeds go to charity.  The portions of proceeds are decided by the buyer on how much goes to charity and how much goes to the developers.  The charities this year are Child’s Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.  Spread the word and tell your friend, family and loved ones!  The causes are noble and the games are awesome!  Some clamor from the YouTube comments say these games go live at 11:30am CST if you’re wondering why the bundle isn’t online just yet.  Check out the trailer below and get your methods of payment ready for a good cause!

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