Nexon Announces Valve Themed Vindictus Quest for Today Only

If you’ve ever wanted to walk around Vindictus with a headcrab on your skull, now’s the time to do it.


Sometimes it can be tough on April’s Fools’ Day to tell the difference between honest news and elaborate ruses.  So when Nexon sent out a press release today regarding their popular online-RPG Vindictus, I was quick to try to call their bluff.  However, as odd as the new update may be, it would appear that the suddenly announced event is legitimate.

According to the press release we received only a few minutes ago, a new quest line has opened up for today only in Nexon’s Vindictus. Players who have a character of at least level ten or higher can now take on the “Strange Travelers” quest line.  Who are these titular travelers, you may ask?  Well it’s the Heavy from Team Fortress 2 and the Weight Companion Cube of Portal fame, of course.

While this news may seem completely out of left field and utterly bizarre, Vice President of Marketing for Nexon America Min Kim claims that the Valve related quest line is an obvious choice.

“Nexon has had a great relationship with Valve for a long time, dating back to when we first co-developed Counter-Strike with them for Asia’s gaming market.  That relationship has continued through today where we decided to develop Vindictus on Valve’s Source engine.  With the launch of Portal 2 right around the corner we felt like April Fool’s Day was the perfect opportunity to do something unexpected to celebrate that with Valve.  And on the technical side it was a snap to make the crossover happen given that Vindictus is running on Source.” – Min Kim

Loyal Vindictus players who tackle today’s exclusive quest line will gain access to such Valve themed rewards such as a crowbar, Half Life 2 Combine helmet, or even an adorable little headcrab to carry around on their craniums.  Again, this quest runs until midnight tonight and afterwards the only way to get these special items through Vindictus’ in-game auction house.

Jason Wersits
Jason Wersits
Jason Wersits

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