Mashcast #161: Oblivious
October 12th, 2015

High Steam Box prices, looming voice actors strike, under-goaling Kickstarters, and more on this weeks Mashcast.

Mashcast #151: Erasing Kojima
March 23rd, 2015

Kojima and Konami, Gabe on Half-Life 3 and lack of interest "super classic" games, female Twitch streamers, eSports crafting games, silent protagonists, and more.

Mashcast #129: Trust Your Instincts
July 25th, 2014

ESPN2 DotA 2 special, how Steam handles new games and who's responsible for marketing, Uncharted 4's 1080p goals, and World of Warcraft being a juggarnaut still.

Mashcast #127: Podcast Of Broken Promises
July 14th, 2014

Microsoft challenges gamers to spot resolution difference, EA didn't learn the right lesson from Dungeon Keeper, Shooter Publisher greed pushing gamers away, and Hearthstone's pricing model.

HAWKEN is Headed to Steam
Jarret Redding | February 6th, 2014

A new update for HAWKEN will bring balance updates and a Steam Client.

Valve Announces Steam Machines
Nick Zielenkievicz | September 26th, 2013

Those Steam punks over at Valve finally blew their lid on what we all knew was coming.

Dragon Age II Dropped From Steam
Jarret Redding | July 27th, 2011

Shopping for Dragon Age II or the "Legacy" DLC on Steam? Don't bother, cause Dragon Age II has vanished from the Steam store.

Steam Simplifies Downloading
Jason Bond | July 18th, 2011

Valve intends to further streamline the customizable nature of its download service.

Fortix 2 [Review]
Jason Bond | May 30th, 2011

Can one mighty knight really take down an entire evil army?

Portal 2 [Review]
Robert Hill-Williams | May 2nd, 2011

Look at you, flying majestically through the internet. Like a review... piloting a blimp.

GLaDOS Invades Two Tribes' Games
Jessica Weimar | April 13th, 2011

"Do you know the biggest lesson I learned from what you did? We're a lot alike, you and I. You tested me, I tested you. You killed me, I – oh no, wait. I guess I haven't killed you yet. Well … food for thought."