Sony Might be Pulling the Plug on the PSP Go

Shop employee claims to have received confirmation that production has permanently ended for the handheld.

A blog post by someone claiming to be a Japanese Sony shop employee states that Sony has halted PSP Go production. Andriasang translated the post and the news is troubling for the six of you out there who are actually interested in buying a PSP Go. The blogger in question reported that Sony informed him that they will not be able to replenish his stock of the platform because they have ceased manufacturing it.

Rumors began swirling when a link to the unit was removed from Sony’s Japanese site. Sony still lists the unit here but it cannot be purchased because it is out of stock and there is no replenishment date. Website MCV has backed up the story with a report from an unnamed UK retailer “that once current PSP Go stock is sold we will not be receiving replenishments”.

A Sony representative spoke out on the subject with the usual vague, non-committal statement that publishers tend to release in response to rumors of this type. SCEE told Eurogamer that Sony will “continue to meet demand” for the “current generation of PSPs”. The representative continued to prattle on about the imminent launch of the NGP (the successor to the PSP) later this year and how this is an “exciting” time for the PSP platform. No actual confirmation or denial was given. That’s a common move when a rumor is true but the company involved does not wish to make an official announcement yet.

This looks like the end for Sony’s beleaguered miniature PSP. The PSP Go was received poorly by critics and consumers alike and was never able to achieve substantial sales numbers. With Sony turning its attention in the handheld sector to the NGP it makes sense to put the Go to bed.

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[Image courtesy of Slashgear.]

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