Sony’s Playstation Tablet Launching in 2011

Exact launch date still under debate.


Not content with just the PlayStation Phone, the PlayStation Portable, the PlayStation Portable 2 and the PlayStation 3; Sony is reportedly planning to release the previously rumored PlayStation Tablet (not an official name) this summer. Japanese newspaper Nikkei has cited Sony CEO Howard Stringer regarding the summer launch announcement. The device will be coming to US shores first and will run on Google’s Android 3.0 (codenamed Honeycomb). Meanwhile, Japanese blog AV Watch has disputed Nikkei’s report and are themselves claiming a release date closer to year’s end.

Engadget had originally reported on the scuttlebutt surrounding Sony’s upcoming tablet back in February. The popular belief at that time was that Sony would be releasing the device in September. The Playstation Certified tablet was codenamed S1 and said to have a 9.4 inch touch screen with a resolution of 1280 x 800. Sony’s WiFi-only gadget was also rumored to be utilizing a Tegra 2 processor and was targeting a $600 price point.

Rumors also have the device launching with select PlayStation One games preloaded on it and a Bravia Media Remote bundled in the package. It will be focused on Qriocity, which is Sony’s music, gaming, video-on demand and e-book service that recently launched in Europe. It’ll feature cameras on the front and back, a USB-A port and an IR port that will give you control over other devices. Button-wise, the unit will feature volume and on/off switches (shocker!) as well as a possible Q button for launching Qriocity.

With so many rumors swirling around this thing, it’s impossible to know what will make the final cut. It’s even plausible that the whole thing could head in an entirely different direction or be canceled outright prior to release. Everyone loves new hardware rumors though, and the number of sites talking about this tablet seems to indicate a strong possibility that the unit will see the light of day at some point this year.

Sources: Techspot and Engadget

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