Super Mario 3DS is Coming This Year

Miyamoto talks about the return of the tail.

Back in March, Nintendo announced a new Mario game for its 3D handheld system.  We’ve got some good news for Mario fans, not the least of which is that the game will release sometime this year. Speaking with Edge, series creator Shigeru Miyamoto said that the Super Mario 3DS will play like a mixture of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy. Taking cues from two of the most excellent platformers ever made sounds like a good idea to us.

That being said, Miyamoto-san stated that Mario 3DS will be “completely original” and will take advantage of the 3DS’ titular feature to take the platformer genre to new heights. The father of Mario explained that: “For example, the floors floating in space: in 2D it’s difficult to judge the distance, but in 3D it’s really easy.” This could potentially open up the 3D platform genre to more casual gamers who have been unable to wrap their minds around it. I have no doubt that it will also inspire the talented designers at Nintendo to create exciting new challenges for platforming vets.

When the game was unveiled, every longtime Nintendo fan on the planet noticed the tail in the logo and came to the same conclusion. You’ll all be happy to know that Nintendo wasn’t just teasing you; Super Mario 3DS is going to bring back the raccoon power-up. Miyamoto didn’t elaborate much, but did say that “The tail you mentioned on the logo – it’s what you think it is”.

Miyamoto-san noted that, as with most of Nintendo’s games, you really need to play it to understand the brilliance of the 3D functionality. Thankfully, the game will be playable at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. This year’s E3 runs from June 7 – 9 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

[Source: Edge]

[Image courtesy of Games Radar.]

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