Animator Reportedly Worked on Alan Wake 2

Is a sequel to Remedy's captivating horror game in the works?

Just shy of one year ago, Remedy Entertainment released its long-awaited horror game Alan Wake.  While its worldwide sales eventually went on to break one million, it is believed that the number of units moved fell short of the expected target.  After all, the budget had to have skyrocketed considering how many years the project was in development.  In any case, fans have been under the impression that a sequel was unlikely.  If a certain animator’s LinkedIn profile is to be believed, however, that is not the case.

Although it has since been edited, Althea Suarez Gata’s resume on the site included working on an “in-game cinematic” for the game Alan Wake 2.  While this isn’t the hardline official confirmation that Wake fans are hoping to hear about, it’s the most solid sequel scuttlebutt there has been in quite some time.  It’s likely that since news of Gata’s work history made the internet rounds, Remedy reached out to her and requested she remove the connection to Alan Wake 2.   This would be a highly suspicious move that would indicate the developer is working on the game, but isn’t yet prepared to make an announcement. Keep in mind that this is, of course, pure conjecture on my part.

When Joystiq interviewed Remedy’s Oskari Häkkinen way back in August, he alluded to the team having a desire to create a second game.  Since then though, mum’s been the word.  As is customary during this time of year, I’m know going to break out that old “wait ’til E3” standby.  Maybe Remedy and Microsoft have something in store for us.

[Sources: LinkedIn and Joystiq]

[Image courtesy of MTV.]

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