Dead Island Being Distributed by Square Enix

Deep Silver is still publishing the zombie title, but needs outside help to get the game on shelves.

Remember that somber trailer depicting a family fighting off zombie invaders in a tropical hotel?  Of course you do.  The internet was all abuzz over the Dead Island video when it released a few months back.  Things have pretty quiet since then, but we’ve got a little tidbit for you today.  Publisher Deep Silver has partnered with Square Enix, who will handle the distribution of Techland’s zombie action game.

Speaking to Destructoid, Aubrey Norris of Deep Silver explained that the publisher is just not big enough to do it themselves. “Retailers will only buy from companies that they do X amount of regular business with. Since [Deep Silver] is too small to have that, we need a distributor.”

Aubrey went on to say that publishers must hit a certain annual sales goal in order to convince each retailer to purchase units from them. Deep Silver hasn’t hit that point yet, but they’re hoping that the highly-anticipated Dead Island will get them over the hump. The partnership is a good match, as Square Enix has been seeking more partnerships with western industry players, so that they can strengthen their global position.

[Source: Destructoid]

[Image courtesy of Game Rant.]

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