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Win the fantasy world you've always dreamed of! Some assembly required.


Hello faithful readers, it’s your humble Community Manager Robert Hill-Williams (I’ll save the crazier titles Jarret gives me for the Mashcasts) here with some news for you: We’re giving away free stuff! And everyone one likes free stuff, so pay attention will ya? Specifically, we’re going to be giving away some codes for the Majesty 2 Collection for Steam, a wonderful fantasy kingdom sim provided to us by the fine folks at Paradox Interactive. We’re going to be giving away 5 codes with three different opportunities to win, so without further ado here’s the rundown on this shindig.

The first and biggest opportunity is going to be our first ever Photo Contest. We thought about doing something boring like having you dress up as some sort of fantasy character, but then realized that not everyone is into cosplay or Ren Faires, so we changed our minds. Instead we decided we want to see how crazy you all can be, and how much you love MTB!

The Photo Contest rules are as follows:

1.) You have to be showing love for MashThoseButtons in some way in the picture.

2.) You have to make some sort of wacky attempt at dressing up as something gaming/geek related.

See, isn’t that simple? We’re pretty easy going, but we just don’t want to see anyone in t-shirt and jeans holding up a note card with ‘mtb’ written on it in crayon… Because that’s boring. We also don’t expect anyone to go out and buy a costume. Just be creative! Use stuff around the house. Dress up a pet. Make an outfit out of cardboard, it doesn’t matter! Be interesting! We’re going to have three categories (Funniest, Most Creative, Best in Show) and our favorite picture in each category will win a code for the Majesty 2 Collection.

Submitting is simple. Just e-mail us your picture to, or send a carrier pigeon if you are so inclined. The contest will open today (5/10/11) at 2pm EST and the deadline to have in your picture will be 11:59pm EST Thursday night. We’ll pick the winners and announce them on Friday at 7pm EST. Multiple submissions are accepted, and you can feel free to list the category you want that picture considered for, otherwise we’ll use our best judgement.

As promised, there are two other opportunities to win the remaining codes. Our Facebook giveaway will take place Wednesday, 5/11/11 at 8pm EST (we want to give all our 9-5ers a fair shot too), and our Twitter giveaway on Thursday, 5/12/11 at 8pm EST. Both these contests will be trivia question giveaways. These questions may be about something on the Majesty 2 website, or about in general. We’ll be picking out of a hat to make things interesting, so study up. To recap…

Facebook giveaway:

1. Like us on Facebook

2. Be around on Wed. at 8pm EST for the trivia question.

3. First correct answer posted in reply to the question wins.

4. Winner goes and builds a fantasy kingdom in Majesty 2 worthy of their exploits.


Twitter giveaway:

1. Follow @mtbsite on Twitter (and @PDXinteractive since they were nice enough to provide some free copies).

2. Be around at 8pm EST on Thursday for when we ask the trivia question.

3. First correct answer in reply to the question on my TweetDeck timeline wins.


5. Profit

Good luck to everyone, can’t wait to see your pictures, and  we’ll see you on Facebook tomorrow.

Robert Hill-Williams
Robert Hill-Williams
Robert Hill-Williams

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The only things Rob has been doing longer than gaming are breathing, sleeping, eating, and reading. RPGs were what made him view games as an experience instead of a distraction, but these days he likes and plays every genre gaming has to offer. Outside of his usual reviews and articles on MTB, you can find Rob on the weekly Mashcast and frequenting Twitter.

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