Moon Diver Now Available on Xbox Live Arcade

Stop inanimate object invasion. In space.....

Moon Diver

Mankind had feared the end of the world, and then it came.  Everything man had built and depended on has turned violently against them.  This is the story of Moon Diver, a downloadable title by Square Enix, that allows four players to fight against hordes of enemies.  While small shreds of humanity still cling to life, there emerges a unit of ninja who are called Moon Divers.

This exciting game allows co-op, in which characters can join or leave as they please.  Combos are directly affected by how many players are playing.  The difficulty can be changed at any point in time, but higher levels can yield you better looking levels and more experience points.  You will be able to traverse 12 stages in the attempt to thwart your enemies.

Moon Diver was originally released for the PlayStation Network, but is now available for the XBLA for 1200 marketplace points.

Jessica Weimar
Jessica Weimar
Jessica Weimar

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