PSP Remasters Announced in Japan, Trophy Support Not Included

Portable games with save game transfer between PSP and PS3? Sign us up.

Sony came out recently and announced a surprisingly cool new addition to its PSN library of games.  Apparently a new line of graphically-enhanced PSP title ports, called PSP Remasters, are in the works for the Playstation 3.   These translations of Playstation Portable bestsellers will be available through the PSN and will include upscaled graphics and support for stereoscopic 3D in some cases.

While HD home console versions of popular portable games are all well and good, it’s really the promise of transferable save features that’s really fascinating.  According to Sony, the PSP Remaster save files will be in the same format as their original PSP version which means that players will be able to transfer their saves back and forth between the PS3 and PSP.

For the time being, the PSP Remaster series has only been announced in Japan with Monster Hunter Freedom 3rd HD Ver. as the flagship title for the program.  The likelihood of the program coming to the United States is yet uncertain, but we can sure hope.  The promise of being able to play Monster Hunter on the go and then transferring your progress to home HD version is an exciting proposition.

Although details on the PSP Remaster line of games are still forthcoming, it has also been confirmed that there will not be any trophy support for these titles.

Jason Wersits
Jason Wersits
Jason Wersits

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