1.3 Million Sega Pass Accounts Hacked

The Hack-a-Thon is apparently still going strong.

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While we already knew that Sega had been hacked, we didn’t know for certain what exactly was taken. Well, looks like some hackers took quite a bit of personal information from Sega Pass online network. Around 1.3 million accounts were illegally accessed by the hackers. They were able to get away with user names, real names, encrypted passwords, birth days, email addresses and other information along those lines. Luckily, credit cards are safe and sound; got to love those silver linings.

The group known as LulzSec, responsible for a hack into Sony’s network, has offered to give a helping hand to Sega. The question, though, is whether or not Sega will be open to trusting Lulzsec. Strange how the hacking world works sometimes. Now that Sega has been hit, you also have to wonder who else will be nailed during this string of hacks. I suppose only time will tell.

I would put down good money that a lot of companies are poring more cash into digital security now. And if they aren’t beefing up security, I’m sure some hacker group is about to show them why they should. Hit the link below to find out more about the Sega hack, and sound off in our comment section so we can hear what you think about all the hacking going on in the game industry.

Sega Hack

[Source: Reuters]

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