David Jaffe Will Give the Keynote at PAX Prime

Also inside: the musical artists and exhibitors that will headline this year's convention.

Penny Arcade is holding their annual PAX Prime convention at the Seattle Convention Center from August 26 – 28, and they’ve just announced that David Jaffe will get the festivities started. Jaffe, the creative mind behind God of War and Twisted Metal, will give the keynote speech that opens up the three day gaming con. The house that Gabe and Tycho built (or drew, rather) has also unveiled this year’s musical guests. Below is a full listing of the artists that will appear in the nightly concerts.

• Jonathan Coulton

• MC Frontalot

• Metroid Metal

• Minibosses

• Paul and Storm

• Supercommuter (first PAX Prime appearance)

• The Video Game Orchestra (first PAX Prime appearance)

But enough about the side acts, right? You’re probably wondering precisely which developers and publishers have decided to let you get your dirty little paws all over their various wares. Penny Arcade promises that the list of exhibitors will exceed 100; amongst them, will be 2K Games, Activision, BioWare, Capcom, NCsoft and Turbine. PAX has never been solely about electronic gaming, though, and that’s why major table top/CCG names like Wizards of the Coast and Privateer Press will be in attendance as well. Finally, it has been revealed that Microsoft will be hosting an event called “Halo Fest.” The tournament is promised to be the “largest and most expansive live Halo experience anyone has ever seen.”

Tickets to PAX Prime are already completely sold out, but Johnny-come-latelies can most likely find them being resold at scalper rates at eBay and other auction sites.

[Image via Computer Abuser.]

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