Dragon Age II ‘Legacy’ DLC Uncovered

Achievement listings spoil BioWare's impending DLC unveiling.

If you don’t want to know anything about the next DLC pack coming to Dragon Age II, then you’d do well to stop reading right now. A few days ago, BioWare announced that they would be showing off the aforementioned DLC at the San Diego Comic Con next month. Thanks to Xbox 360 Achievements, you don’t’ have to wait that long to find out what Hawke’s going to get up to in his impending quest.

The content, titled “Legacy”, will send Hawke and his party on a mission to the Vimmark Mountains. Aside from plowing through the usual waves of darkspawn, you’ll also be tasked with taking down some sort of “ancient evil” that abodes there. Hawke will also gain possession of some sort of magic key that three special effects can be applied to. To read a list of the five achievements, head on over to Xbox 360 Achievements.

[Source: Xbox 360 Achievements]

[Image via Gaming Bolt.]

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