Dungeon Siege III Demo is Now Available

You too can siege dungeons - today!

Dungeon Siege III

Those anticipating the release of Square Enix’s Dungeon Siege III will be happy to know that there is now a demo available for PlayStation 3 and the PC.  Those on PC will be able to download it via Steam.  Dungeon Siege III is an upcoming action role playing game that have you saving the kingdom of Ehb as one of four heroes.  This game releases on June 21st, this year, and will be for the aforementioned systems as well as the Xbox 360.  You will be able to play with your friends online in multi-player cooperative play, as well as recruit members for your party.  Also, there is a vast player customization system that will allow you to play the character you want.

Jessica Weimar
Jessica Weimar
Jessica Weimar

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