E3: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer

A new trailer for Final Fantasy XIII-2

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This year at E3 Square-Enix came with a new trailer of Final Fantasy XIII-2. This trailer shows actual game play of what the game will play like. It seems they have done a couple of tweaks to the system, but it still looks like players can expect the paradigm system to come back.  It also seems like they’ve added a heaping dose of reaction commands this time around. The trailer mainly focuses on Noel (a new character) and Serrah (Lightning’s sister from the first game). The trailer shows off some nice graphics and interesting areas. What’s really interesting is what is said at the end of the trailer. I’m not going to spoil it for you though, since the trailer is right here. Check out the trailer and sound off on our comment section on what you think of this new entry in the Final Fantasy series.

[Video via Game Salt]

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