E3: Over 13 Minutes of Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay

New York City is under siege and it's up to you to save it. Uh, might wanna try to leave some of it still standing in the process.

There used to be an embeded media player here, but it doesn't work anymore. We blame the Tumbeasts.

What happens when an unstoppable force collides with an immovable object? That’s the question you have to ask yourself in concern of gaming’s 800lb gorilla crossing paths with New York City. We’re not convinced that the age old question is actually answered here, but at least it confirms that lots of explosions will be involved. Talk about collateral damage, sheesh. I’m not entirely sure whether the soldiers in the video are trying to save or destroy the city. You be the judge.

[Video via Game Trailers.]

[Image via PC gamer.]

Nick Santangelo
Nick Santangelo
Nick Santangelo

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