E3: Paper Mario 3DS Trailer

Paper-thin RPG action in 3D. That doesn't make much sense to us, but then again, the Mushroom Kingdom has never been the most sensible place.

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Mario RPGs have always oozed forth a certain charm that draws me inexorably to them no matter how many I’ve already played through. Paper Mario 3DS looks to continue that trend in another delightful tour of the Mushroom Kingdom. Context-sensitive button presses during combat will once again return, as will Mario’s jumping (duh) and hammer attacks. In addition, you’ll also now have the power to use “summons” such as fans and scissors. Don’t laugh, these tools of destruction can wreak some serious havoc in a world made entirely of paper products.

[Image via Destructoid.]

Nick Santangelo
Nick Santangelo
Nick Santangelo

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