E3: Super Mario 3DS Gameplay Trailer

I could tell you about the inventive levels, or about all the cool enemies, or the return of the Koopa Kids. But let's focus on what's important here: the Tanooki Suit is back!

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Earlier today at their annual E3 press conference, Nintendo Company Ltd showed off a number of fantastic looking titles for the 3DS. The flagship game though, was clearly Super Mario 3DS. “If it’s true that software sells hardware,” said Reggie Fils-Aime, “then it’s also true that no franchise has sold more systems than Mario.” Can’t argue with that logic. The game will undoubtedly provide a boost in 3DS sales when it releases (more on that later).

The footage they showed us recalled some of the best design work from the top Mario platformers. Fans will instantly recognize nods to Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy. The title will combine open, 3D (the old definition of 3D, not the stereoscopic one, although it’s got that too) exploration with classic sidescrolling platforming.

What’s more, several classic franchise elements — that will assuredly please fans — are returning. Everyone had already guessed it, but it still warmed my heart to see Mario hopping around in the Tanooki Suit for the first time since it debuted on the NES all those years ago. Also returning are the Koopa Kids, and I know I can’t be the only one excited for that. Other staples such as boos, Bowser, and end-stage flags made an appearance as well. No sign of Yoshi, but maybe they’re saving that for a later date. Who knows.

In any case, the game looks outstanding and will provide a much-needed killer app when it launches “before the year is over”. Sadly, that’s as specific as Nintendo was willing to get. Anyways, check out the footage if you haven’t already; you’re gonna love it.

[Image via Rip Ten.]

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