Mass Effect 3, Dragon Age II DLC are Comic-Con Bound

BioWare has some big plans for the July 21st - 24th convention.

“BioWare is once again returning to the San Diego Comic Con and this year, we are bringing Mass Effect 3 and a never before seen, Dragon Age II DLC with us.”  This was the surprise message recently posted by BioWare’s Chris Priestly over on the developer’s official forums.   Comic Con-will be the first time that fans can play both Mass Effect 3 and the yet unnamed Dragon Age II DLC.  In addition, Priestly also promises that the convention will feature other “BioWare coolness”.

This year’s Comic-Con will take place in San Diego from July 21st through the 24th.  BioWare will not actually be on the convention floor; instead, attendees will be able to find them at the nearby Hilton.  Anyone in the area will be able to get in to see them — with or without a Comic-Con badge.  Those of you who won’t be making the trip can look forward to live updates on BioWare Pulse TV.  Further details on both the demo and the DLC will be floated out slowly as Comic-Con draws nearer.

[Source: BioWare Forums]

[Image via G4.]

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