Sony Details Uncharted 3 Collector’s Edition

Come inside to see what schwag Naughty Dog will be offering.

If you’re as pumped for this November’s Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception as we are (and you totally should be) then you’ll be happy to discover that, yes, Naughty Dog will indeed make collector and preorder bonuses available to its rabid fans. As you can see in the image, the Collector’s Edition will come packed with a Drake figurine, “steelbook” case, full-sized Drake belt-buckle and Drake’s necklace — complete with Sir Francis Drake’s ring. Those of you intending to actually wear the ring-necklace had better be prepared to explain to passersby that you are, in fact, not on a quest to the cracks of Mt. Doom in the black lands of Mordor. Something to think about.

Sony did not provide pricing details for the CE; instead, they chose to run-down the game’s preorder bonus system. After reviewing user feedback, they came to the conclusion that fans loathed the idea of only having access to all preorder items by buying a handful of copies from different retailers. So instead, the new plan is for reserves to grant buyers early access to “key multiplayer Weapon Mods, Boosters and Medal Kickbacks”.

Four different retailers (GameStop, Best Buy, Wal-mart, and Amazon) will participate in the program. Order early over at GS, and you’ll gain access to the Creepy Crawler Kickback, which grants you the ability to send forth some “deadly creatures” to decimate your foes. Best Buy will be sporting a Regeneration Booster that allows for quicker healing. Amazon will offer a couple of weapon mods as well as the ability to toss three grenades at once. Finally, preordering at Wal-mart will grant you a laser sight for the Ak-47. The mod allows team members to see your target.

Oh, and those other retailers out there — apparently they’re not important enough to be mentioned by name — will give out PSN avatars and XMB themes to those who reserve; which is just as good as extra grenades and assault rifle laser sights… or not.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

[Image courtesy of Sony.]

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