Twisted Pixel Working on an iPhone Title

Twisted Pixel's insane humor on a handheld? Sign us up.

As Twisted Pixel is coming close to wrapping up its work on their Kinect title, The Gunstringer, there is already word on the web that they have begun to work on another title.  A recent post on has the finer details, but Twisted Pixel CEO Michael Wilford has put out a statement on the potential of an iPhone App Store game. Here’s a snippet from the conversation, spoken by Wilford:

We’ve never done a mobile game before. I think a lot of our IPs would translate pretty well to mobile. I think there’s a lot of fun stuff you can do with the character-driven IPs we’ve created. And the Capcom fiasco — if you want to call it that — lit a fire under our butts to give [iOS development] a try and see if we can make something there,” Wilford told us.“We’re working on something. Nothing to announce yet. Hopefully, relatively soon we’ll having something to share with you guys.”

The quote is just a small portion of a larger interview conducted by TouchArcade, an online site and podcast dedicated to iOS titles.  The interview can be heard in its entirety here.

Jason Wersits
Jason Wersits
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