Final Fantasy Rhythm Game Coming to 3DS

Square has discovered yet another avenue for creating Final Fantasy spin-offs.

The last Nintendo handheld had a veritable treasure trove of Final Fantasy titles released for it, and Square Enix is going to continue the tradition with a rhythm-RPG on the 3DS.  Japanese  magazine Jump has revealed a project called Theatrhythm Final Fantasy that is (shockingly) described as a “Theater Rhythm Action” game.

The title contains dungeons, towns, fields and battle scenes like a traditional FF release would.  However, while the battles take place in throwback side-view settings reminiscent of classic Final Fantasy RPGs, the fighting is done through rhythm.  That means that players will be tasked with tapping the touchscreen to fight when prompted.  Series fans can look forward to prominent franchise music and characters such as Lightning and Cloud making appearances alongside Kingdom Hearts personalities.  Their design is said to resemble that of the image of the mobile Kingdom Hearts game pictured above.

Theatrythm’s story revolves around “fighting to return light to the crystal.”  We don’t yet know which crystal that is, but I’m sure it’s totally original and is nothing all like all of those other crystals you’ve seen in other FF games over the years.

[Source: Andriasang]

[Image via Andriasang.]

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