Fridays in the Key of Geek: BiteJacker Soundtrack – Undead on Arrival

There's a zombie on your la-- oh wait, wrong song.

This Friday we bring you the soundtrack to the game BiteJacker, a pretty hefty browser game experience made by Secret Base. If you’ve never tried the game out, you probably should. The soundtrack was created by HyperDuck SoundWorks, who you probably recognize because they created the theme song to our very own Mashcast. If you don’t, well, then shame on you. HyperDuck is composed of two musicians, Dan Byrne-McCullough and Chris Geehan, from Ireland who do a lot of fabulous music for indie games. They’ve been the minds behind the soundtracks for games such as Iji, Katakijin, Zero Gear, A.R.E.S: Extinction Agenda, Dust: An Elysian Tale, Break Limit, Mama & Son: Clean House, Space Junk, Bitejacker (duh), and also created the main theme for The Blocks Cometh, among others.

The Bitejacker soundtrack, titled ‘Undead on Arrival‘, exemplifies HyperDuck’s dedication to their craft with a varied mix of music spread over 20 tracks. One thing I’ve always enjoyed is their ability to strike a chord of nostalgia through their music, even when incorporating standard instruments and newer sounds. This album is no exception. The entire experience sells for only $3.99 (or more, if you so choose) through Bandcamp, and you can even listen to the entire album before you buy! Below we have a player where you can enjoy some tracks from ‘Undead on Arrival‘ as well. TGIF!

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‘Key Of Geek’ Article Set – Undead On Arrival OST by Chris T Geehan

*We’d like to big a big thanks to Chris Geehan of Hyperduck Soundworks for putting this set together specifically for your listening pleasure!

Robert Hill-Williams
Robert Hill-Williams
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