Fridays in the Key of Geek: ‘Monday (The Glitch Mob Remix)’

At least the trailer's music is good, right?

When Capcom unveiled the westernized reboot of the Devil May Cry series under the direction of Ninja Theory, fans were rightfully confused. The series hadn’t always been perfect, but a rarely broken constant was that of the main character, Dante. Guilty of sometimes slinging cheesy one-liners (especially in Devil May Cry 3), Dante was otherwise the epitome of stone-cold awesome demon-slaying badassery, capable of turning Satan into Swiss cheese and then performing a flawless tango on the corpse. He struck just the right balance between dangerous, carefree, and funny; fans loved him for it.

The protagonist fans got when DmC was shown off, in short, wasn’t Dante. Christened ‘Donte’ by the most annoyed sections of the fandom, this new protagonist was a cross between a stereotypical emo-goth kid and…Edward from Twilight. As bad as that was, it might have been salvageable with the characteristic flair and charisma that Dante had embodied, but there was none to be found. In its place there was only an empty rage that manifested itself with him putting out cigarettes in demon eyes and a new fighting style.

When a new trailer for DmC was shown at E3 2011 nothing seemed to have changed. But while DmC itself remains a disappointment, the music they used in the newest trailer stood out as a bright spot. ‘Monday’ was a song originally created by Steve Nalepa, but this version is a remix performed by electronic group The Glitch Mob. As with most trailer songs I don’t expect this to make it into the game’s soundtrack, but one could hope, right? Check out the song below and also the trailer for the controversial game to which it’s attached. How do you feel about the DmC reboot?


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Robert Hill-Williams
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