Leaked Assassin’s Creed ‘Seizure’ CG Vid

Come in and watch it before Ubisoft seizes it back.

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A disturbing CG video created by a member of the Assassin’s Creed team at Ubisoft has found its way onto the internet. It is marked “for internal use only,” so it was clearly not meant for the public. The footage depicts a calm but diabolical Abstergo doctor — or at least he plays one on TV — performing what is presumably experimental animus surgery on some poor bastard. The doc insists that the patient (Subject 1?) is dead, but he seems to be quite alive and argues the point vehemently, for what it’s worth.

The original video post has the following description under it: “This is an internal project we did here at Ubisoft Cinematics. I animated the character on the table. No mocap whatsoever.” That’s mighty impressive considering how insanely gorgeous the animation is. In any case, it is not clear as to what project the video emanates from. It could just be a test or something done in an animator’s spare time. Alternatively, it could be part of an animated short that was either scrapped or is planned for a future release. Feel free to leave us your own theories about the vid in the comments section.

Update: Savvy internet commenters have revealed that the audio in the video is from a 1990 movie called Jacob’s Ladder. And Kotaku is now saying that an unnamed source claims the footage is from a several-years-old internal animation test.

[Source: Kiwi]

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