Left 4 Dead 2’s ‘Dead Air’ Releasing Early

Thanks to the efforts of gamers, Valve will release the DLC on or before July 22nd.

On Wednesday, Valve challenged gamers to unlock the “Stream Crosser” achievement in Left 4 Dead 2 20,000 times by Sunday. If the feat were accomplished, then they promised to release the game’s upcoming DLC, Dead Air, early. It didn’t take that long.

A mere four and a half hours after the competition kicked off last Wednesday, L4D2 players had already cruised past 20k achievements. By the time the promotion was 24 hours old, more than 60,000 players had unlocked Stream Crosser. As a result, Dead Air’s previous release date of “as soon as possible,” has been bumped forward. At the latest, the content will come out on July 22nd for PC. If development wraps before that date, then they’ll spring it on the masses even sooner.

[Source: Valve]

[Image via Video Games Blogger.]

Nick Santangelo
Nick Santangelo
Nick Santangelo

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