Microsoft Announces New Bluetooth Headset and Remote for 360

Available in any color you want; so long as it's black.

Major Nelson announced on his blog today that Microsoft will be bringing out a new wireless headset in early November. The Bluetooth-powered unit will run for $59.99 and will (hopefully) not suck anywhere near as much as Microsoft’s first stab at an official wireless 360 headset. Since it is a Bluetooth unit, it will, obviously, also be compatible with any Bluetooth phone.

Not stopping there, the good Major also dropped a new media remote on us. It is said to have the following amazingly impressive futuristic controls: play/pause, skip forward, fast forward, skip back, fast back, and display to control DVD, CD, or streamed media. And here’s where it gets really wild, the unit will also have a power on/off, volume up/down, mute, and TV input buttons. Mr. Wizard Major Nelson continued on to explain that it would also contain the A, B, X, Y buttons, D-pad navigation, back and select as on standard 360 controllers. The remote will also be able to pause live TV (where applicable) and will set you back 20 smackeroos when it launches alongside the headset.

[Source: Major Nelson]

[Images via Microsoft.]

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