PSN Pass Required for Resistance 3

Look who jumped on the band wagon for fighting against used games.

Sony has recently released some new information on Resistance 3, but it might not be the best news in the world for some people. Resistance 3 will require that a person who owns the game to input a one time use code so they can access the online component of the game. This confirms a new program being developed by Sony called the PSN Pass.  If the consumer buys the game new a pass will be put with the game. If a person buys the game used then they will have to buy a pass online. So far no word on how much a pass will cost if a person decides to go down that route. This is not the first time seeing programs like this take effect.

Recnetly a string of these programs have been launched in what appears to be a way to get some money out of used game sales. Companies like EA, WB, and THQ have implemented one time use codes to access certain functions. A few PSP games have also been using the one time use code function prior to this announcement. So far the PSN Pass program is still a little bit of a mystery. Sony has said that it will announce further details later on down the road. So far it is just online multiplayer capability being locked, but its scary when you stop to think of all the other content in a game that could be locked out by a simple code.

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