Rumor: Xbox 360 Games to be Playable on Windows 8 Machines

You got your Xbox in my Windows.

Unnamed sources for the web site Insideris allege that Microsoft’s next PC operating system will include functionality to allow for Xbox 360 disc playback. Supposedly, gamers will be able to just pop any 360 game they choose right into their Windows 8 machine’s disc drive and game to their heart’s content. Provided, that is, that they fork over some cash to Microsoft to sign up for a subscription service not dissimilar in nature to Xbox Live.

Similarities aside, the service will not initially allow for cross-platform play. Insideris claims that reasoning is to prevent unfair keyboard/mouse advantages. That being said, they leave open the possibility of that functionality being implemented sometime after the service gets off the ground.

Keep in mind that we’re filing this one as a rumor for now; because, despite multiple outlets reporting the same story, none of them cite any public source. But the possibility is certainly exciting, especially when you factor in that Windows 8 is said to be ideal for mobile platforms such as tablets. It could prove an extremely effective way for Microsoft to combat the 3DS and PS Vita — both of which, the company publicly denounced in the wake of their E3 2011 showings. We’ll be sure to keep you posted should any other details surface on this front.

[Source: Insideris]

[Image via JT Hiyanes.]

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