Skyward Sword Dungeon and Ghirahim Boss Fight Demo

Nintendo's Bill Trinen walks viewers through nearly 15 minutes of Zelda footage.

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At this point, Nintendo has released a number of Skyward Sword vids for fans to enjoy and dissect. But this latest Zelda footage from San Diego Comic-Con offers the most in-depth look yet into Link’s upcoming adventure. The first half of the video focuses on Link’s first meeting and subesequent clashing of swords with creep-ball protagonist, Lord Ghirahim. You’ll be going toe-to-toe with this weirdo multiple times throughout the game, so don’t expect to see his full power here. However, we do learn that he can stop sword slashes with his fingers and that he may possibly be related to Gene Simmons.

Next up, we’re treated to some extended footage of Link making his way through an early dungeon. He puts the new beetle item to use by chopping down a Skulltula from its web and then slices up the spider along with several Keese. After triggering a diamond mechanism with the beetle, a door opens and it’s time for a mini-boss battle with an angry Stalfos. The combat during the fight focuses on the player’s ability to swipe Link’s sword in different directions with the Wii remote in order to break a foe’s defenses.

Once the Stalfos is overcome, Link grabs his reward: the upgraded beetle. Throughout all of this, Bill Trinen fields questions and he explained during this moment that players will have the ability to upgrade far more of Link’s weapons and items than in recent Zelda iterations. Aside from the beetle, Trinen specifically mentions that there will be multiple shield upgrades. His comments make it sound like the game will have a slightly more RPG vibe about it than the series has had in quite a good many years.

Before it ends, Link unleashes an arrow upon an unsuspecting Bokoblin and pilots the beetle through some pretty foliage and into a mechanism. Finally, he comes across some sort of strange gate with eyeballs that track Link’s every move. If past Zelda games are any indication, and they probably are, then I’m assuming you’ll need to back up and shoot the eyes with the bow from a certain range in order to open the gate.

Series fans will be excited to know that Trinen promises that Skyward Sword’s dungeons are bigger and that the game is generally more expansive than we have grown accustomed to in recent outings. And while he was not quite ready to drop the release date, he admitted that the game will launch during this year’s holiday season. It’s a bit disappointing to know that it won’t be launching earlier than that, as many previously speculated, but it’s hardly surprising.

[Video via Zelda Informer.]

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