Transmission T²: Half-Life 2 – ‘Exile Vilify’

A lesson in oppression. The fight of 'The One Free Man'.

Today’s Transmission comes to us from Fathom216, who we’ve featured videos from in the past. What can I say, his videos resonate with me, and I think they provide a different look at certain games than we usually see. This video, set in the world of Half-Life 2, is no different. It shows the stark reality of the human race in the wake of the Combine’s conquest of Earth, and just how terrible the world truly became during the years when Gordon Freeman was held in stasis.

This oppressed world provides the backdrop and the motivation for Gordon’s subsequent fight to free humanity. The music of The National’sExile Vilify‘ — ironically a song that is part of the Portal 2 soundtrack — provides the only narration needed to instill in the viewer the state of the world and why Freeman’s rebellion not only should succeed, but must. Because in this case there is no need to ‘prepare for unforeseen consequences’; the world has already experienced the consequence of Combine rule. And it is horrible.

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Robert Hill-Williams
Robert Hill-Williams
Robert Hill-Williams

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