Bethesda Pax Lineup

Rage and Elder Scrolls V playable at PAX for all those lucky enough to make it out there.

I’ll be blunt: I am extremely jealous of everyone that is going to be at PAX Prime. Not only do they get to see and hear about all the cool games, but they will also be able to have a chance to get to play Rage and Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Bethesda will also be giving a special presentation showing off Prey 2, and it will be held at the top of every hour.

Todd Howard, game director of Skyrim, will also be giving a presentation on Saturday at 3:30 pm in the Unicorn Theater. The seating for the presentation will be limited, so everyone that is going will receive a ticket that can be redeemed at the Bethesda booth. Those who get their ticket redeemed will receive a wicked Skyrim plush helmet.


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