Bungie: Brave New World Video

What is Bungie working on, and what were its early days like? Find out by watching this nearly hour long video. Yes, I said hour long.

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What the heck has Bungie been doing since they broke up with Microsoft so they could experiment with Activision? “Tiger”, that’s what. Bungie promises that the world of this mystery game will grow to “become more the fans’ than our own.” They then show some nondescript shots of the game’s world being built. Spoilers: it has mountains and windmills in it.

They promise that Tiger (which is just a code name) will be a “game changer,” but aren’t sure themselves how anything could possibly be bigger than Halo. Studio co-founder Jason Jones adds that, “One of the reasons that Tiger is so intriguing to people in the studio is it’s reaching players in a way we haven’t before.” Your guess as to what that means is as good as ours at this point. Pro tip: skip to the last three minutes or so of the video to see all of the Tiger stuff.

The Tiger logo.

Before getting to all of that good stuff, though, the video meanders about for quite some time but surprisingly manages to stay incredibly interesting while exploring the developer’s routes. Watch away and learn about exciting stuff like the “crack house” that was located behind their first office and the estimated million dollar loss they suffered after recalling 500,000 packaged discs that were plagued with a crippling glitch. They even detail how the series’ iconic singing space monks theme song came to be and the shift away from Steve Jobs’ camp and over to Bill Gates’ place.

Also of interest is the fact that they almost cut out multiplayer from Combat Evolved during the final days of its development. That’s not a big deal or anything; it isn’t as though there would likely be no Xbox today if they had made that move. Oh wait, it’s exactly like that.

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