Bungie Trademarks ‘Destiny’ and ‘Be Brave’

Inside: the latest edition of What the hell is Bungie Working On?

Bungie’s working on something for their Activision overlords, something that was rumored – by Bungie themselves in their latest vidoc – to be called Tiger. It has now been confirmed, however, that the studio owns trademarks for “Destiny” and “Be Brave.”

The names were previously owned by the dummy corporation Podophobia Entertainment. This fake iPod-fearing company has been confirmed to have been set up and fully owned by Bungie itself. Whether or not one of these trademarks will end up being the final name of the studio’s next game is completely up in the air. That being said, the Destiny logo above was spotted in the aforementioned vidoc. Individuals with far more time on their hands than the entirety of the MTB staff have since broken down all references to the project in the vid. So if rampant speculation is your thing – and it surely is if you’re reading this article – then go give it a look.

[Source: Halo Bungie Org]

[Image via Game Rant.]

Nick Santangelo
Nick Santangelo
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