Dead Island Invades PSN and Xbox Live

Zombies, zombies everywhere and not a brain to eat.

Just in case haven’t gotten enough Dead Island in the lead up to its release, Deep Silver and Techland have put out a series of avatar items people can buy from the Xbox Live Marketplace. Those interested can dress as the main protagonist of Dead Island , or purchase some shirts or hats with the logo on it. If all of those amazing items fail to excite you, perhaps an inflatable mini island or a beach ball to decorate your avatar will do the trick. Honestly though, they’re just accessories to dress up your avatar with. But if you’re into all that, then by all means go crazy buying stuff to dress your virtual counter part in.

Dead Island has also made its mark on PlayStation Home by remaking the central plaza to look like the Royal Palms Resort that is in the game. Not only did they remake the place, but they also filled it with zombies. Home users can now go into the resort and hit the zombies to death with weapons such as bats or by just kicking the crap out of them. Oddly, some of the zombies are not looking to chow down on your brains but are just there because of their photogenic nature, so you can get a few photos with these friendlier undead.

But that’s still not all of the news originating from the less-than-lively island; Amazon is getting more exclusive preorder deals for Dead Island.  Gamers who preorder with Amazon will receive an exclusive digital map. The map will show weapon mod blueprint locations and other strategical advantages around the Royal Palms Resort area of the game. Anyone who is interested in the preorder should jump on it now because Dead Island is coming out on September 6th for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.  Very soon zombies will be taking over another part of the population, which makes me wonder where else are we going to find zombies popping up at.

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