Deus Ex Human Revolution Clothing Line

Cosplay for Deus Ex just got a lot easier, for the right price.


Just when you think Square can’t get any weirder, they go and do something crazy, yet smart. Square Enix has created a clothing line for Deus Ex Human Revolution. Now fans of the game can dress like the main character Adam Jensen or get other clothes that are based off of the new entry in the Deus Ex series. Musterbrand has done a good job with the designs, especially the trench coat.  This will probably save cosplayers a lot of time with their outfits, as long as they have the money to afford some of these clothes. Check the link below to look at all the clothes they have available at this time.

Deus Ex Clothing Line

Mikey Kenney
Mikey Kenney
Mikey Kenney

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