Diablo III Mods Prohibited

Blizzard prohibits one of the best parts of playing a PC game: the mods.

Blizzard made a very interesting statement directed at future players of Diablo III. At a recent event an FAQ was handed to the people who showed up, and what was said in this FAQ was shocking. One of the questions that Blizzard has been getting is if Diablo III will support bots and mods. The answer on both fronts is a heartbreaking “No.”  Blizzard has gone on to say that mods are prohibited when playing Diablo III.

This comes as a surprise to me because of how heavily-ingrained the modding was in the older Diablo games’ community. There are still people playing the older title and still modding the ever living crap out of them. While Blizzard surely has its own reasons for removing this important feature, there is not a doubt in my mind that there are going to be a lot of angry nerd rages over this decision. Only time will tell if any other key elements will be unceremoniously ripped out of Diablo III, but hopefully it won’t be anything else that will make fans of the original game any angrier than they already are after hearing this news.

[Source: Kotaku]

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