Escape From City 17: Part Two

The Purchase Brothers deliver another piece of their Half-Life 2 fan film.

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Back in 2009 the Purchase Brothers released a Half-Life 2 fan film entitled Escape From City 17. As far as fan films go, it was phenomenal. Actually, it was better than most Hollywood movie adaptations of video games.

The long wait for the next segment of the film is over, as Escape From City 17: Part Two is finally here. It is every bit as great as the original and possibly even better. With Valve being content to stay quiet on the next game in the Half-Life series – despite our very own Jarret Redding issuing various threats to Gabe Newell in our weekly Mashcast – this might be the closest fans will get to a new Freeman adventure for quite some time.

[Video via the Purchase Brothers.]

[Image via Game Front.]

Nick Santangelo
Nick Santangelo
Nick Santangelo

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