Fridays in the Key of Geek: Shank Soundtrack

The soundtrack of bloody, dusty revenge.

Shank was a blood-soaked tale of revenge with a visual style I imagine a game from Genndy Tartakovsky would look like, if he chose to go the route of super-violent action games. With its slick animation, excellent singleplayer and co-op modes, a host of weapons to choose from, and many bad guys to dispatch in brutal fashion, it became a game worthy of quite a bit of praise. The soundtrack was one of many aspects of the game lauded in our review, and deservedly so. It was more akin to what you’d hear in a big budget production like Desperado, rather than a $15 downloadable game.

Mostly slower tempo songs dominate the soundtrack, but they contain a forceful undercurrent driven by heavy bells, drums, and strings. Soulful blues guitar sweeps over the accompaniment and threads its way through the melody in a style that sounds influenced by Carlos Santana. The soundtrack stays firmly within its established style, but is great the whole way through. The soundtrack was released free to the public without much fanfare in December of last year, and makes an awesome addition to the music collection of any fan of the game, as well as fans of good music. We have a sampling below, and you can download the full soundtrack here.

[audio:|titles=Shank OST - Shank]
[audio:|titles=Shank OST - Father's Sin]
[audio:|titles=Shank OST - Sweet Revenge]


Robert Hill-Williams
Robert Hill-Williams
Robert Hill-Williams

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