Gamescom 2011: Dark Souls Trailer

Prepare to die a lot.

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Shame on all those people who missed out on the extremely hard Demon’s Souls. It was a game that was built for the hardcore, masochistic gamer in mind. If you missed out on Demon’s Souls now’s the chance to make up for it by checking out Dark Souls. Now that doesn’t mean they are taking it an easier on the players. The people at From Software are still making the game as hard as its predecessor.

The trailer shows off the games amazing graphics and the intense battles that you will kill you several times. Namco Bandai Games Inc. is publishing the game and bringing the game to PS3 and Xbox 360. Now 360 owners will have the chance to see how brutal these kinds of games can get. Dark Souls should be out on October 4th, but until then watch the trailer and prepare for Dark Souls to own your soul.   

[Video via CGRtrailers]


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