Gamescom 2011: Sonic Generations Trailer

New trailer shows off some cool stages and a hint of modern and classic Tails helping out.

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Everytime I see some footage of Sonic’s latest adventure I say a little prayer asking whatever powers that be that Sega does not screw up Sonic Generations.  All that I have ever wanted out of a Sonic game is to run as fast as I can, destroying enemies, and ultimately defeating Dr. Robotnik (Dr. Eggman).  So far it seems that my prayers may be answered.

This new trailer shows off what Sonic games should be all about: speed. The trailer shows off a lot of cool stages that look inspired by the little blue guy’s adventures over the past 20 years. The trailer above also shows that the modern Tails and the old school Tails will be hanging with our main hero. Sega has been taking steps in the right direction for the Sonic series after Sonic Colors; I can only hope they keeps this trend going. Check out the trailer and join me in the hope that Sega can make this game every bit as good as the trailers look.

[Images and Video via Sega and 20Sonic10]

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