Leaked I Am Alive Trailer

Roughly a minute of gameplay footage from Ubisoft's missing in action title.

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News on Ubisoft’s mysterious game, I Am Alive, has been, well, there hasn’t been any. It has been months since Ubi has said anything official about what appears to be an action-platformer, and what little news has came in the past has been limited to delays or comments about how it has not been canceled; not exactly the most encouraging stuff.

A newly leaked trailer posted by YouTube user “billvonkova” has changed all that. It isn’t an official release and Ubisoft has yet to comment on it, but the inclusion of some seriously cool gameplay footage points to the game coming along nicely. Viewers will have to put up with some nonsense for the first thirty seconds, but will then be treated to some exciting platforming sequences and a bit of combat.

[Video via billvonkova.]

[Image via Destructoid.]

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Nick Santangelo
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