Parasite Eve 2 Available on PSN

People can now relive one of the worst days in Aya Brea's life on their PSP or PS3.

Parasite Eve 2 is making its come back, but this time it will be available on the Playstation Network. Parasite Eve 2 was originally released back in 2000, but Squre-Enix will bring back Aya Brea and all the disgusting creatures to a Sony system near you. Now people will be able to download Parasite Eve, Parasite Eve 2, and buy The 3rd Birthday umd to have the complete collection of the Parasite Eve series on their PSP. Fans of the series should be excited that they can now play one of the favorite games on the go and at home. Parasite Eve 2 is rated M for mature, and is available now for $5.99 at the Playstation Store.

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Mikey Kenney
Mikey Kenney
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